Experts in Maximizing Air Flow & Efficiency

Air Side Systems, EH Baare, and Vee Engineering are industry leaders in the design, testing, and manufacture of engine cooling systems.

With combined capabilities and expertise, the companies produce an extensive array of custom components and complete fan systems for Engine and HVAC manufacturers.

EH Baare manufactures wire fan guards and motor mounts. Baare makes its own tooling and prototypes, and can finish its parts with either zinc plating or electrostatic painting.
Air Side Systems designs and manufactures engine cooling fans, hydraulic and electric fan modules, and fan spacers. With its own patented fan design, its products are lightweight and customizable to any engine application.
Vee Engineering designs and manufactures composite cooling system components. Vee parts optimize fan performance and are produced from affordable tooling made in-house.

Each company takes pride in performance and efficiency through in-house manufacturing, engineering, and testing to take cooling system components from concept to completion.

Products include:

Fan Spacers
Fan Shrouds
Fan Packages
Fan Guards
Axial and
Centrifugal Fans
Motor Mounts

Partnering to Provide

Custom Configurations

In- House Component Manufacturing

Design & Testing

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